Colouring books for Adults

We tend to think of colouring in as an activity for children, but recently there have been a number of colouring books released aimed at adults. The main idea of these is to promote an activity that can relieve the stresses and strains of a busy work and or home life.

I also think they can be a good tool for artists who are in need of something to experiment on, to try out new colours or media. For example I have used them to leant how to draw and paint using drawing inks. By using unusual combinations of colours it has helped to free my mind to get away from the obvious.

I also like to try practice blending the colours using pastel pencils.

Colouring also allows you to reconnect with a part of your childhood and have the benefit of not having to create an entire image, just fill in an existing drawing. So it can help you to gain confidence if you are a beginner or have a fear of colours.

There are books on all different subjects including Fish, Birds, Animals, Art Nouveau images, Celtic patterns and even Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. The one I currently use is called ‘Tropical’ from the Colour me Mindful series. Some of my efforts are shown below.

Feel free to tell me of your experience with these books and have fun colouring!


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