How to use Youtube to learn how to draw

A couple of years ago I realised that Youtube is not just an amazing resource for entertainment and information, it can also be great for learning.

So I began to use it to help me learn French and subsequently Czech. I have also been using it to help me learn how to draw and paint.

There are many videos on there that show you what art supplies to try or buy, with demonstrations side by side of their different effects on the page. There are also videos which try out different techniques which you may want to research before using them yourself. Some artists record the picture progressing then show the process sped up or with dissolves to reduce the length of the video to something watchable.

But without a doubt the most useful videos for me are those that encourage you to draw along with them. By sketching in front of he screen and pausing the video every now and then you can try and recreate the image made by the artist and filmmaker. You will then have a greater understanding of how it is done, a great picture hopefully and almost certainly a renewed sense of confidence.

Here is a video that I found useful when I was learning to draw birds, about a year or so ago. You can see the image I created in the gallery. Why not draw along with the video, you might be surprised at how easy it is!



bird sketch




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